The Navy and World Government are unleashed in a short video!

Momonga, Issho, Borsalino, and Sakazuki from the Navy, and Brueno, Kalifa, and The Five Elders from the World Government appear in “FILM RED”!

From the Navy, Vice Admiral Momonga of the Navy HQ , Admiral Issho (Fujitora) of the Navy HQ , Admiral Borsalino (Kizaru) of the Navy HQ, and Admiral Sakazuki (Akainu) of the Fleetappear. How will they at Navy HQ appear in “FILM RED” this time around?

In addition, from the World Government, Brueno and Kalifa from the intelligence agency Cipher pol, and The Five Elders, the most powerful man in the World Government, appear in “FILM RED. What is the goal of the World Government? And what kind of activities will be shown by the Navy HQ and the World Government in this film?

In addition, starting tomorrow, character visuals of the characters featured in this short movie will be released on the official SNS of the movie! Please look forward to it!