Character visuals of the mysterious girl have arrived, and advance ticket sales begin on Friday, April 15!

The character visual of the mysterious girl who holds the key to the story is unveiled!

The girl with two-tone red and white hair is wearing headphones and a colorful oversized jacket.
In the background is a mysterious symbol and the meaningful line, “Luffy, quit being a pirate,” which makes us wonder about their relationship. What kind of character is she and what kind of story will she weave?
Visuals of other characters will be released sequentially from the film’s official SNS.
Stay tuned to find out who and when they will be revealed!

Advance movie tickets go on sale Friday, April 15!

Advance tickets will be available at theaters nationwide (with some exceptions) from Friday, April 15. The design is a super teaser visual depicting a mysterious girl.

<<Advance Ticket Information>>

■Fare (tax included): Adults 1,500 yen Children 900 yen
■Date of sale: April 15 (Fri.)
■How to purchase
≪mvtk Card≫.
【Movie Theater Box Office】 ※Withdrawal of the special offer is not included.
For screening theaters, click here ⇒
※For details on sales start time, please contact the theater where the tickets will be sold.
※Except for some theaters.

【Major mail-order website】 ※No special offers will be provided.
※Mvtk card is available in one design.
※Advance tickets may not be available for special box office events such as stage greetings. Please understand in advance.
※The design is an image only.