Big Mam pirates are unleashed in a short video!

Katakuri, Oven, and Brulee from the Big Mom pirates appear in ONE PIECE FILM RED! In addition, a short video with visuals of the three characters has been released!

It has been revealed that Katakuri, the second son of the Charlotte family, Oven, the fourth son, and Brulee, the eighth daughter, will appear from the Big Mom pirates led by the Fourth Emperor Charlotte Lingling (a.k.a. Big Mum). Katakuri, one of the three Sweet Three Generals, is a Mochi-mochi Fruit, and is so skilled that he can see a little further into the future by using his Color of Observation Haki. In the Whole Cake Island Arc, he is the strongest man of the three generals with whom Luffy had a fierce battle. Oven manipulated the ability of the Heat Heat Fruit and stood in front of the Straw Hat Pirates and the Fish-Man Pirates as they attempted to escape Totto land. Brulee is also a mirror woman of the Mirror-Mirror Fruit, who has the ability to come and go between worlds in mirrors. Using her ability, she toyed with the Straw Hat Pirates on various occasions. What was the purpose of the Big Mom pirates, one of the Four Emperors, coming to the venue of a live performance by Uta, Shanks’ daughter? Please stay tuned for more information on how the members of the Big Mom Pirates will perform in “ONE PIECE FILM RED”!
In addition, character visuals featured in this short video will be released sequentially on the film’s official SNS starting tomorrow! Please look forward to it!